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We have happy customers in more than 90 countries. They use our virtual phone system in their call centers and trust in our technology and customer service. Know some of their testimonials about why they chose to work with Toky.

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"As an e-commerce company whose mission is to be the first customer-focused Mexican company, Toky helps us get in touch with our customers whenever they need us. Thanks to Toky, we are able to develop a trustworthy relationship with them.

It's a critical tool as it enables the sales and support teams to handle calls effectively and be coordinated. We like the possibility to call customers directly from Salesforce as it contributes to a seamless experience for our sales and support teams."

Edouard, Luuna
Thrive Ministry
"It has made our office truly mobile. Our team now works remotely more often than ever before. It is very important. We make international calls often and having the internet phone system really helps for customer support. We absolutely love Toky.

We work with Salesforce CRM all day, and thanks to Toky we have a game changer to have the CTI built right into Salesforce Lightning."

Anthony, Thrive Ministry
How can Toky help my business?

Customers around the world trust in our virtual phone system

Try Toky and discover how features like IVR, greeting messages, call recording, call forwarding, virtual phone numbers, CRM integrations and much more can help your business.

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