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The integrations offered as well as the amazing support are some of the best parts for sure. The team were always quick to work on the resolution of any issues that we ran into and provided feedback on the progress made. It was also great that they were willing to add some tiny custom features for us even though it was not something that was initially offered. It also seems like the team is always working on adding new features which is always appreciated.


Mitchell W.

Sales Manager

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We are incredibly happy with Toky. We have tried so many VOIP providers and none come close to Toky in terms of speed of setup. Within 10 minutes we had a viable phone solution, and we were customers.


Adrian G.

Head of Operations

What our customers say

  • We needed to urgently set up a COVID-19 Volunteer helpline for the vulnerable and elderly in Wilton. Within 2 days we had implemented Toky, recruited and trained 24 call centre volunteers and gone live. The experience with Toky was totally fantastic. I made a host of support calls during setup (I am not an IT geek) - they were very patient and responded clearly and successfully to every question. They were flexible on billing too. Everything worked perfectly. The Volunteer call centre is now up and running and working like a dream.


    Steve M.

    Town Clerk & RFO

  • Using Toky, I am able to manage my overseas business communications efficiently and effectively. While I am traveling overseas, my customers and suppliers can reach me as soon as i have an internet connection. Using Toky I can easily reach my customers anywhere in the world in a cost effective manner.


    Adel H.


  • It's the easiest way to set up your own call center with local numbers, IVR, etc. You can have, in an hour or so, a top tier call center platform.


    Gonzalo B.


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