Call Features

International phone numbers

We have more than 60 countries on the list, and hundreds of cities

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Phone Trees (IVR)

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a menu that allows customers to directly contact the agent or group of agents best suited to their needs using the numeric keypad in their telephone

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Simultaneous Calls

Receive all the simultaneous calls you need. It is only constrained to the amount of agents you have

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Welcome and voicemail greetings in several languages

We have pre-recorded audio messages in several languages, and if you don't like them, you have the option to create and upload your own or simply remove them

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Call History

Every made and received call, on a searchable list

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Call Filters

Set the times and days your business is open and available to take calls

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Call Transfer

Not the right person to handle the call? It's okay, you can transfer the call to someone else in your team

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Calls on hold

Put any call on hold when you need to find information to answer a customerÔÇÖs request or when you need to talk with your team before giving a response


Your customers can leave you a voice message when you're not available or when they call outside of office hours

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With your website, CRMs, your existing phone system, etc

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Toky allows you to send and receive text messages with your customers using your business line

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Bulk SMS

Send bulk SMS messages from Google Sheets using Toky. Reach customers everywhere with a single click and at affordable rates

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Get real time insights from dashboard reports and leverage relevant metrics to improve your business communications

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Speech to text

Use our audio to text converter transcribe from your call recordings. Have the trascripts delivered via email or to your CRM system of choice

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Forward to cell phones and landlines

Internet outage at your office? Or are you always on the move? It's alright, with this feature, you will never miss a call

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A call button for your site

It can be static or floating, and your customer doesn't have to leave your site to call you.

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Fax to email

Your Customers can send faxes to your business phone number and Toky will email them to you as a PDF file

Call recording

Do not lose important information about your customers' conversations, enable the automatic recording of inbound and outbound calls. Convert the audios into text for more information and listen to them when you need.

User Features

Access Levels

You can restrict some users from doing or viewing things you don't want, with admin and regular user roles

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Easy Configuration

Adding and removing users can be done in as little as two clicks

Agent Groups

Create teams of agents and add agents to groups in charge of handling a particular kind of calls

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Toky for Android and iOS

Handle your Toky calls while on the move from any part of the world using the Internet

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Toky for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Make and receive calls more efficiently with our desktop apps

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Google Chrome Extension

Turn your browser into a telephone and make calls on nearly any desktop with Google Chrome

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Reliability Features

Encrypted Calls

We use industry-standard security protocols in all our calls

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Servers all around the world

To improve call quality we have servers in North America, South America, Europe and Asia

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