Click to call any contact inside Zoho CRM, Zendesk, Hubspot CRM, Google Contacts and much more!

Hubspot CRM

Available for the customer's profile page, Toky will turn the phone number of the contact into a clickable link, making it easy for you to call without leaving Hubspot website.

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Toky comes as an interesting alternative to one of the features of Zendesk Voice. Call your users inside Zendesk and without leaving the context of the ticket.

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Zoho CRM

Available on the contacts and search screens, you will become more productive and will stop worrying about copy/paste mistakes when dialing a number.

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Google Contacts

We all love Google Voice but we hardly use it as a business line. This is where Toky comes in, allowing you to call your contacts like you would do it wih Google Voice, but with all the benefits of using your business phone system.

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