WhatsApp Business is here! Respond to WhatsApp messages directly through Toky.

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Get your own virtual number in United States or more than 60 countries

Start making and receiving business calls or sending text messages, all from your computer or mobile device

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Get virtual phone number for business

Easy configuration

Buy or port in a business phone number, assign agents to your numbers, select the language of the greeting message, and you'll be ready to start receiving calls

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Your number in United States for only 6.00 USD per month

In minutes, start offering local calls and text messages to customers. Check out our coverage page for other countries

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Start texting with your customers

Toky allows you to send and receive text messages with your customers using your business line

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Answer without needing an Internet connection

Internet connectivity outages happen. With Toky you can still receive customer calls by forwarding them to regular telephones or mobile phones without needing a connection to the Internet

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