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Receive calls from your website, social profiles and regular phones, all in one place

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Your clients still prefer phone support over any other option

Toky worldwide

Whenever you want, wherever you want

Do you have clients in several countries or cities inside your country? Toky doesn't limit you like your regular phone system does, and your clients are able to call you for free from anywhere in the world

Toky multiplatform


You can receive calls from any tablet, smartphone or computer with a web browser, or even from the old fixed phone you have in your house

Toky shareable

Easy to share

Your business has a web site, Facebook profile, Twitter profile, Instagram, etc.? You can paste your Toky call link in any of these places and receive calls from there


The majority of your potential customers need to communicate with your business before buying or when they are about to make a purchase. Toky improves the sales experience of your business. Get ready to sell more!


Talking is easier and more effective than texting, and your clients' time is equally important as yours, so why waste it with slow communication channels when you can have a Toky call?

Toky is in every place your clients are

We know your clients aren't only on their computers, so we made Toky really flexible and able to receive calls not only from the web, but also from regular telephones; and if you happen to be outside your office, your can forward your clients' calls to your personal phone number so you can always be available