Integrate Intercom with Toky virtual phone system

Use your business phone system to boost your sales and support without leaving Intercom. Toky will automatically log calls and texts so you can focus on the important things

Conecte a sua telefonia ao Intercom

Click to Call inside Intercom

Improve your sales and support processes calling leads and contacts with a single click and without leaving Intercom

Conecte a sua telefonia ao Intercom

Automatic call logging

Focus on moving your sales pipeline and let Toky automatically log inbound and outbound calls, voicemails and missed calls, right in your Intercom contacts.

Conecte a sua telefonia ao Intercom

Always know who's calling

Forget about anonymous calls as Toky automatically syncs with your contact’s phone numbers in Intercom, so you will know exactly which customer is calling you

Conecte a sua telefonia ao Intercom

Turn text messages into conversations

Toky will turn text messages received into Intercom conversations, so you can reply to your customers directly to their phones

Conecte a sua telefonia ao Intercom

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